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Post  MacBackwards on Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:38 pm

x3 scrap golem
x3 scrap chimera
x3 scrap beast
x2 scrap orthros
x2 effect veiler
x1 scrap goblin
x1 thunder king
x1 grand mole
x1 spirit reaper
x1 gorz

x3 scrapyard
x2 scrapstorm
x1 dark hole
x1 monster reborn
x1 heavy storm
x1 pot of duality
x1 enemy controller
x1 mind control
x1 mystical space typhoon
x1 foolish burial
x1 book of moon

x2 call of the haunted
x2 fiendish chain
x2 solemn warning
x1 solemn judgment
x1 starlight road
x1 mirror force
x1 trap dustshoot

x1 scrap twin
x1 atomic scrap twin
x2 scrap dragon
x1 scrap archfiend
x1 catastor
x1 stardust dragon
x1 zenmaister
x1 utopia
x1 zenmaines
x1 brionac

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