Diva Zombie Quillbolt Syncro

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Diva Zombie Quillbolt Syncro

Post  MacBackwards on Sun Apr 24, 2011 6:44 am

Monsters: 20

x1 Dandylion
x1 Dark Armed Dragon
x1 Plaguespreader Zombie
x1 Sangan
x1 Gorz The Emissary Of Darkness
x1 Zombie Master
x1 Pyramid Turltle
x1 Flamvell Archer
x2 Spirit Reaper
x2 Deep Sea Diva
x2 Quillbolt Hegdehog
x1 Goblin Zombie
x2 Mystic Tomato
x3 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

Spells: 12
x1 My Body As A Shield
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Foolish Burial
x1 Book Of Moon
x1 Giant Trunade
x2 Book Of Life
x2 Pot Of Avarice
x2 Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps: 9
x2 Compulsory Evacuation Device
x2 Bottomless Trap Hole
x1 Torrential Tribute
x2 Imperial Iron Wall
x1 Trap Stun
x1 Dust Tornado

Extra Deck: 15 (staples)

Side Deck: 15 (staples)

Traps I need to take out one but which one?

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