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Hyun only

Post  regsta on Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:17 am

Damaged brio
ancient fairy dragon- secret
red dragon archfiend- secre
chimeratech fortress dragon- super
magical android- rare
starlight road
stardust dragon gold
gottoms ultra
colossal fighter- super
urbellum- super
gaia knight- super
scrap archfiend ultra
solemn judgement gold
monster reborn common
2 bottomless common
2 trap stun common
1 ROTA gold
1 mind control- gold (damaged)
2 d- prison
hydro genex super
prime material dragon gold
my body rare
mist valley shaman
doom kaiser ultra
limiter removal rare
2x dekoichi hobby
grave of the super ancient organism ulti
3 machina fortress
3 gearframe
2 peacekeeper
ultimate axon kicker super
drill warrior super


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